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The Metaphone is an interactive art piece that trans- forms biosensor data extracted from participants into colorful, evocative perceivable visual patterns on a big canvas. The biosensors register movement, pulse and skin conductance – the latter two relating to emotional arousal. The machine creates a traditional art form – colorful paintings – which can be contrasted with the pulsating, living body of the participants and the ma- chine-like movements of the Metaphone. Participants interacting with the machine get their own painting drawn for them – a highly involving activity spurring a whole range of questions around bio-sensing technolo- gies. The participants engaging with Metaphone have to agree to share their personal data, thereby expanding the interactive discourse while questioning the exten- sion of the body with the machine and involving partici- pants with public exposition of their inner worlds.
Simbelis, V., and Höök, K.
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In Proceedings of CHI 2013, Paris, France.
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 00:00