Pervasive games
Pervasive games are rapidly maturing - from early research experiments with locative games we now start to see a range of commercial projects using locative and pervasive technology to create technology-supported pervasive games. In this paper we report on our experiences in transferring the successful involvement of players in computer games to ‘modding’ for pervasive games. We present the design process, the enabling tools and two sample games provided in boxes to end users. Finally we discuss how our findings inform the design of ‘modding’ tools for a pervasive game community of the future.
Wetzel, R., Waern A. Jonsson, S., Lindt, I., Ljungstrand, P. and Åkesson, K-P.
Published in: 
International Conference on Pervasive Computing Pervasive '09
Thursday, January 1, 2009 - 00:00