Social properties of mobile leisure
User-computer interaction research is demonstrating growing interest in the relation between animals and technology (e.g., computer-mediated interspecies interactions and animal-computer interfaces). However, as a research area, this topic is still underexplored and fragmented, and researchers lack opportunities to exchange ideas, identify resources, form collaborations and co-operatively develop a coherent research agenda. The Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) SIG meeting aims to provide such an opportunity, promoting the development of ACI as a distinct area of research which is relevant to both animals and humans.
Mancini, C., Lawson, S., van der Linden, J., Häkkilä, J., Noz, F., Wingrave, C., Juhlin, O. <em>Animal-Computer Interaction SIG</em>,.
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,. (2012). Animal-Computer Interaction SIG. In Extended Abstract CHI’12, May 5–10, 2012, Austin, Texas, USA
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