Pervasive games
Inquiry into the current development methodologies used by the major players in the gaming industry of Sweden has uncovered many abandoning the Game Design Document(GDD) paradigm. We speculate that the move is primarily because of the long unaddressed shortcomings of the GDD in the rapid paced game industry. We set out to design a new GDD medium, especially designed to expedite communication between different teams of a game production. Through published criticisms, post-mortem reports and in combination with our own experiences, we have distilled a set of preliminary general requirements for a new GDD medium. The complete design of this medium will take place in three distinct phases. Aside from the general requirements, this article reports on the first structuring phase, substantiating the general results. The derived structure was tested for its ability to bind pertinent GDD information and support communication between the different production teams.
Nevelsteen, K. and Gayoso, S.
Published in: 
Games and Innovation Research Seminar 2011 Working Papers
Sunday, January 1, 2012 - 00:00