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What was Mobile Life?
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There are still seats available to the Mobile Life Final Conference, take your chance and register today! https://www.picatic.com/event14840429467999
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2017-03-08 Interview: Kia Höök on challenges of success & value of slowing down and re-connecting

Kia Höök is a professor in Interaction Design at KTH in Stockholm Sweden, director of the Mobile Life Centre and an ACM Distinguished Scientist. We talk about her early research career, and her experiences securing a large amount of research funding with some colleagues then co-leading a large research centre, building a culture, and managing relationships with industry partners. She also talks about how her year-long sabbatical gave her time and space to reflect on the challenges of success and to reconnect to what is important, to re-set her own rules and to re-think how she wants to engage as an academic.

"You end up in a situation where everything you do you do in order to be able to work more…and that is not a good life.”

“All of that stuff that you get worked up about, is it really that important, or even if it is important, can I have a different attitude.”

“It is about finding your core, knowing yourself, slowing down, and being more empathic with other people.”

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Attention for the fashion show organised and curated by Sunny Dolat, Program Manager for Fashion, The Nest, Kenya, Elin Frendberg, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council and Oskar Juhlin, Professor and founder@Mobile Life Centre, Stockholm DSV, Sweden during the Sweden@Kenya forum: http://www.styleyetu.com/latest/creativenations-forum-in-nairobi-sweden-at-kenya
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www.si.se/swedenatkenya. On November 9-11, Mobile Life was partner of the Sweden@Kenya forum in Nairobi. Oskar Juhlin and Jinyi Wang was part of organising the fashion tech workshop and Maria Holm, was one of the organisers of the "Imagine my city" studio. The forum addressed issues such as how to unify the voice of the creative sector, how to identify and create effective collaborations, and the role of the creative and cultural sector in a complex, digitalised and interlinked world where ideas, values and visions are needed. Sweden@Kenya aims to bring tangible results in terms of intellectual inspiration, new contacts and networks, business opportunities as well as strengthened bilateral cooperation and exchanges between Sweden and Kenya.
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